Applied High-Throughput Analysis

In the PDF file "Prerequisites course AHTA" you can find basic knowledge and some links referring to basic statistical topics required for this course. Note that you only need to understand these topics from a conceptual point of view: What do they do? Why/how are they used? Which kind of assumptions do they make?

Additional information

For those struggling/getting started with R, you can have a look here:

For students without background in molecular biology: have a look at part V of Molecular and Cell Biology for Dummies, available for (free) download at:

For more background on epigenetics: see special interest are: 1.2 - Contemporary; 3 - Mechanisms, particularly first half of 3.1)

For students who lack hands-on-expertise with Linux, an excellent introduction can be found here: (with thanks to Ihor Filippov for the tip!).

Predictive modelling

In the PDF file Prerequisites course Predictive Modelling" you can find for each lecture which basic knowledge is required and corresponding Wikipedia links. In addition, basic programming skills, in particular Python, are required.